Friday, May 21, 2010

My family time

In the wake of my article today, "How will you spend Family Month?", I'd like to share some more of things my family enjoys doing together.

  • We're all big movie fans. We subscribe to the Netflix, two movies + unlimited Instant Play. I always make sure to have a family movie topping our queue. We all think this is such a better value than spending over $40 at the movie theater. It is really neat to rent movies Dad and I grew up with and watch them with the boys.
  • Hubby and I also passed on our love of mini-golf and duckpin bowling. These activities are typically very affordable for the whole family. Plus, we get the added benefits of being active and teaching our boys good sportsmanship.
  • Playing with our three dogs. This really bonds the entire family and is always good for some giggles.
  • With everyone's busy schedules, especially during the school/work week, we don't always eat together. I make sure this happens at least a couple times a week whether at home or a meal out.
  • My husband and I are very involved in the boys' sports. Not only do we enjoy watching them acheive, they "feel" the support rather than us just telling it.

Please share your family bonding activities below.

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